Sunday, April 17, 2011

draf satu.

thats "draft one" in indonesian in case you were wondering.

here it is, ready for your enjoyment and feedback!

spread the word.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

burning eyes.

Its been a long evening in the MDC cutting and pasting files and footage together for the first draft! It's a lot of Generation Me statistics, where we've come from, and what the outcome has become. I got some sweet shots that depict how the generation views itself. Always shaped by how we're perceived. Less than a week before the draft is due! Can't wait for you all to see it and hear some feedback!

Annd! Haha! I guess I have gone through a lot of transformation as this class continues to open my eyes to how we're shaped by media, and how we shape media to shape ourselves. I got rid of facebook for this reason. Tired of the false sense of connectivity and authenticity when all we do is make ourselves who we want to be. Untagging bad pictures. Not only that but ruining the idea of living in the moment. Always thinking about our thoughts and how we can cleverly deliver them once we get back to our computer screens. Always worried about how you look when a cameras around in case they tag you before you get to see it. Its an interesting journey without it.. Rediscovering a more pure identity with out the medium. Along with this, I stopped carrying my phone around. Not having to worry about checking it. Always wondering if they responded *yet. They can wait. Or leave a message. I'm tired of always being available and for fleeting things eating away my time and energy...

Generation Breaking Free.