Thursday, January 27, 2011

remix to ignition.

hot and fresh out' the kitchen!

Professor Wesch took the first of the submissions for the Vision of Students Today 2011 and Remixed it for the first trailer.

We're still taking submissions for the final product so feel free to tag VOST2011 on videos you want to contribute. They can be as simple as writing "I love my physics lab." on a sticky note. It all helps!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

affect my learning.

First project of Digital Ethnography.

What affects our learning? How do I learn? When do I learn? When do I not learn?

An inversion of A Vision of Students Today

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This is the trailer of my personal perspective.


Friday, January 21, 2011

strictly visual.

Last year I took an English class that involved reading a lot of books. Novels to be specific.

In all honestly I didn't have time to read all of them (but did enjoy the ones I did..)

Besides my point. The teacher was awesome. And she wanted to make sure that everyone was being taught well. This involved taking a test at the beginning of the semester to see what kind of learner you were. So we all took the test and sent her the results so that she could run the class accordingly. She would often group us with the other students that had similar results. What made this interesting was that I was the only one of my kind. Out of about 30 students, I was the only V! The Visual learner.

I haven't thought about this much until yesterday. When my roommate told me that the tabernacle was made with 1 ton of gold (2000 pounds) and 3 tons of silver. What was the first thing I did? Looked up a picture of what a pound of gold looked like... how was I suppose to know if that was a lot of gold if I didn't see what it looked like?

So I found this article... super super super interesting if you ask me. The Effect of Learning Styles on Course Performance (of course I mainly just looked at the graphs! haha. just kidding! ... but really)

I just wish every professor, or university for that matter, would take learning styles into more consideration. Lectures are hard environments to work in!


Thursday, January 20, 2011


The idea of how we learn. thoughts of what effects us as we do. and as we don't, have been on my mind.

One of my quirks in the classroom is that I just get bored. antsy. maybe like, twenty minutes in... I could have the best intentions: notes out, my favorite pen on hand and ready (I'm a picky pen person...), and my phone and iPod off and in my bag (how often does that happen these days?) But 20 minutes. of that same professor. talking about the same topic.. something about it just hits a switch and reminds me that I just HAVE to know wether gelatin is the same as jello. I unzip my bookbag, grab my phone and text my advisor. Cha-cha. Whew! Thanks cha-cha!

Focus! Okay, so I snap back into gear.. What's she talking about? Some kind of artifact streamlining into importance? Maybe not. I wonder if, in the last 22 minutes of my life, I got tagged in a picture! Cause that'd be cool! Zpod comes out (that's what I named my iPod? Catchy right? Lindsey. LindZ! Zpod! Ha!) I check facebook with my facebook app! Mail with my mail app! I browse KSOL, look at pictures from Aunt Marge's 60th birthday, google the circumference and thickness of a penny as the teacher decides to be creative and have us pretend that penny's are artifacts that we just found! thrilling really.

So why are we like this? Why are we so distracted? Are we still able to learn what the teacher is teaching in our multitaskness?

I found a site with some articles on Technology and College Education. Typical attribute of Generation Y = non-existent attention span. I can't help but wonder if its due to the lesson I learned in my multi-media class about producing videos... The fact that I found reiterated in Six Tips on Making a Successful Video . "The golden rule in making a successful training video is to keep changing what is shown on screen.
This means that each scene needs to run for no longer than 7 seconds." I can hear my speech teachers lisp ringing in my ears now! (He taught the class for some reason?)

I was told at one time that the the cure for becoming better at focusing is reading a book. Why is it so hard to do? My roommates and neighbors joke that they don't know how to read. But when reality, its just that they don't know how to read books. Chuck Leddy, the writer of an article in the StarTribune says that "to engage with a book means inhabiting both the story and the world view of its author; it's an act of transcending." and that its "the opposite of "instant messaging."" He also explains how "ebooks", kindle comes to mind, could help the future of reading. Makes me wonder if its just the object of a book that is what turns people off when it comes to reading. Turning a page must be too slow paced compared to the ever increasing speed of the click of a mouse.

Until next time.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

random research.

Whats going on here, you may ask?

Digital Ethnography. Digital storytelling. Media. How it's used. How it effects us. Does it help us learn? What does help us learn? This blog will be filled with different tidbits that I'm learning as I research for this class, and ultimately the final product that we produce.

Our first project is to make a short video for A Vision of Students Today. Want to help colaborate? This site explains how: Mediated Cultures

So I've been brain storming. Walking around with a camera. My creative hairs on end.

One of my usual stomping grounds is Radina's. And since I drink so much coffee I decided that it probably did something to my study habits, how I learn, how effective I am at learning. I don't know? So I shot some shots. And so far I found some interesting things!

"A Pearson correlation indicated no relationship between amount of caffeine consumed while studying and the individual`s effectiveness of studying and preparation."

Cool! Interesting! Good to know!

I also found THIS article. I haven't gotten to take a real good look at it cuz I'm running late for work! But I thought it'd be an insightful read for all those coffee drinkers out there who just gotta have that study break!