Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Our final projects are underway. Everyone is narrowed down and put in order so that we can put this baby together. As you may have picked up, my section of the documentary is on the generation within the walls of education. Our documentary in whole is focusing on the "Walls" that education gives us to work with. What happens inside them, what happens outside them, what happens when they're taken down. Should we take them down? What do we do with them since they ARE there! After our class KYHOI (knock your head off idea) conference, we got a really great look at how everyones projects were pulling together. And let me be one to say... it's going to be awesome =)

Heres a little snippet of my piece. It is an abstract of what the generation before Gen Me has given us to work with. Choice. Freedom. Ability. to. create.


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