Friday, January 21, 2011

strictly visual.

Last year I took an English class that involved reading a lot of books. Novels to be specific.

In all honestly I didn't have time to read all of them (but did enjoy the ones I did..)

Besides my point. The teacher was awesome. And she wanted to make sure that everyone was being taught well. This involved taking a test at the beginning of the semester to see what kind of learner you were. So we all took the test and sent her the results so that she could run the class accordingly. She would often group us with the other students that had similar results. What made this interesting was that I was the only one of my kind. Out of about 30 students, I was the only V! The Visual learner.

I haven't thought about this much until yesterday. When my roommate told me that the tabernacle was made with 1 ton of gold (2000 pounds) and 3 tons of silver. What was the first thing I did? Looked up a picture of what a pound of gold looked like... how was I suppose to know if that was a lot of gold if I didn't see what it looked like?

So I found this article... super super super interesting if you ask me. The Effect of Learning Styles on Course Performance (of course I mainly just looked at the graphs! haha. just kidding! ... but really)

I just wish every professor, or university for that matter, would take learning styles into more consideration. Lectures are hard environments to work in!


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