Wednesday, January 19, 2011

random research.

Whats going on here, you may ask?

Digital Ethnography. Digital storytelling. Media. How it's used. How it effects us. Does it help us learn? What does help us learn? This blog will be filled with different tidbits that I'm learning as I research for this class, and ultimately the final product that we produce.

Our first project is to make a short video for A Vision of Students Today. Want to help colaborate? This site explains how: Mediated Cultures

So I've been brain storming. Walking around with a camera. My creative hairs on end.

One of my usual stomping grounds is Radina's. And since I drink so much coffee I decided that it probably did something to my study habits, how I learn, how effective I am at learning. I don't know? So I shot some shots. And so far I found some interesting things!

"A Pearson correlation indicated no relationship between amount of caffeine consumed while studying and the individual`s effectiveness of studying and preparation."

Cool! Interesting! Good to know!

I also found THIS article. I haven't gotten to take a real good look at it cuz I'm running late for work! But I thought it'd be an insightful read for all those coffee drinkers out there who just gotta have that study break!



  1. Awesome post, I am excited to see and hear more. But I wasn't able to follow the links, any help?

  2. hey-o! should be fixed! thanks for the heads up!