Friday, February 18, 2011

get excited!

I had an awesome interview today! Kevin Coleman, a grad student ELP teacher. Sat down with some tea in his office and talked it out. Point after point, almost unguided, he hit multiple topics completely relevant to our projects. school being more than about learning. how teachers today are not even the "experts" any more, but more like passive facilitators of the textbooks (who are the real experts). how media literacy is important. how students today are unhappy in the moment... I am super excited to transcribe it and break it down for you guys!

Classes have been full of breaking down the research. We've got the line up of our projects, how they fit together, and a general sense of where we're going, but it comes down to each of us becoming experts in our own topic. Mine? You guessed it: Generation Me. Individualistic. Narcissistic. Assertive. Entitled. And more unhappy than ever.

The next five weeks will be full of hitting the books and playing the field.

Week One: Reading Teaching as a Subvertive with an interview with Kevin Coleman (check)

Week Two: Reading Saturated self. Probably interview Kelsey about how Generation Me is affecting the other generations as well, whether they think so or not...

Week Three: Reading Generation Me.

Week Four: Reading Mediated.

Week Five: Open for right now/catch up...

Somewhere in there I'd like to set up an interview with Professor Prins. Along with other interviews that may come up. I'll be trying to document some different things I see in the class room, around campus, and at home that point out the stereotypical generation me aspects.

I also had a vision of a good trailer for about the choices we have to make and how it affects us. Kind of abstract, but in my head it will be awesome! --- If anyone has an alternative to bubble gum, that you could step in and have the same effect, yet not be as hard to get sticky/have to chew.... let me know ^_^


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  1. Lindsey,
    Thank you for the wonderful conversation; it was a joy to visit with you as you have great ideas and enthusiasm. I enjoyed your videos. Take care and keep me posted!

    Nos vemos,