Thursday, February 3, 2011

teacherless collaborations.

We put a lot of good thoughts together today in class. It was one of the sweetest class periods I think I've ever been a part of. No teacher. Yet we were recording the time so that he could go over what we talked about. Imagine the endless amounts of ways that this could turn out......

..... crazy right? It was actually really sweet. We had the white boards covered with spider web diagrams, lists, and connections to the ideas we were all posing. It actually flowed together quite well. At least roughly so that we have a good kick off for what we'll eventually get to.

I have a couple interviews lined up for the next week or so. Two friends of mine who have posed the idea that our majors teach us how to think. One being an English major the other an Engineer. The engineer being in his last semester and taking classes outside his major for once. I guess he's having a rough time because he's never had to "think this way" before.

We are always being shaped. Always learning. What is learning? I'm learning right now... processing. Learning how to communicate my thoughts. Typing speed increasing. Multi-tasking as I think and type my thoughts to King Tut, looking for the perfect song for my video. Ha! Its crazy how so much ties together. We are shaped by our experiences. Exactly the point of my ethnography in Religion in Culture. (If you're interested in listening to the podcast, let me know and I'll shoot you the link!) We'll never be what our experiences keep us from becoming. Experience, inside or outside of schooling, will always keep moving us forward. Everything in the past is permanent.


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